Biped's Monitor: Arbonauts

1 - 5 June 2012

Biped’s Monitor is a unique site-based theatrical experience merging highly-visual, surreal environments with an ethereal operatic score.

Arbonauts invite you to roam through these strange and evocative installations created for the disused chapel and trees of Nunhead Cemetery.


Inspired by Italo Calvino’s extraordinary folk-tale The Baron in the Trees, and performed at nightfall, the elusive characters and events unfold above and around you as the Baron takes to the trees and explores his utopian manifesto of Arboria.

Biped’s Monitor sold-out when presented in June 2012 at Nunhead Cemetery. It was funded by Ideas Tap’s Green Fund for environmentally innovative and sustainable art and supported by Southwark Council and Friends of Nunhead Cemetery. Here’s what some of our audience had to say:

“Surreal, haunting, hypnotic, dark, sinister”

“I was intrigued, it was visually beautiful and magical”

“I felt I was a voyeur.”

“The endless relentless cycle of nature as shown in the repetitious performances of the players at the dining room table; the trees growing through the roof which showed nature reclaiming the space that humans had colonised to bury their dead; link between death and return to earth/trees.”

“I felt very thoughtful, entranced by man in the trees, amused by scientific experiments and scared at times. I loved the music and singing.”

“I felt a certain sadness, a feeling of loss.”

 “Visually stunning. The walk up to the chapel at the beginning was great.”

 “I felt surprised, sad at times as some characters seemed lost. Also felt a sense of involvement with nature all around. Listening to sound, it was definitely like been transformed into a bird and taken to the trees.”

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