Nunhead Beats The Bounds

20 July 2013

Beating the Bounds is an ancient tradition where local people come together, celebrate, and mark the boundary of their village or town.

Meet each other in the first ever Nunhead Beats the Bounds on Saturday, 20th July 2013.

Come join the parade from Peckham Rye to One Tree Hill, down Ivydale Road to Queens Road and back to Nunhead Green. 

Nunheaders young and old are invited to pound the roads, trees and buildings with sticks. We will sing of Angels, William Blake, Queen Elizabeth, Dr. Harold Moody, and the other icons of Nunhead. 

Starting at 2pm at Peckham Rye and ending at 4pm at Nunhead Green with music, refreshments and a free glass of Nunhead Whacker, an ale especially brewed for this event. 

Nunhead Beats the Bounds will define the shape of Nunhead for future generations. 
Join us as Nunhead Beats the Bounds. 


Organised by Lewis Schaffer and 
Nunhead American Radio 
Resonance 104.4 FM 
Live Updates: @nunheadradio

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