The Village Hall Experience

16 August 2014

A festival celebrating the diverse and multi dimensional talents of our community.

The Village Hall Experience

Last year Pull The Other One was commissioned to provide entertainment for the Elephant and nun Festival which took place in various venues around the borough of Southwark. We chose a part of Peckham Rye known in Victorian times as “The Beach”. It is the small patch of land between on the old Lido site and the green opposite the Rye Hotel.

This area had up until this point not been used as a site for festivities for many a year (at least the thirty years that I have been living in Peckham). Its use was widely celebrated on the 17th August last year by the whole of the surrounding community with its ease of access and secluded intimate ambiance.

Whilst having this beautiful tent for the whole day, we thought it only prudent to offer its shelter and stage to a variety of community groups for use throughout the day culminating in the comedic and hilarious antics of Men in Coats, Madam Magenta, Nigel of Bermondsey, Tina Turner Tea Lady, Robin Hoodwink, Vincent Figgins the Edwardian Animal impersonator and a dance set from The Teenage Men.

So this year because of the success of last year, southwark council want us to come to the “County”show which is taking place in Burgess park on August 16th , they have allocated us a charming spot behind the Passmore Buildings and invited us to bring the community of Nunhead and Peckham closer to the Elephant for this years Elephant and Nun festival.

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